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Thanks for stopping by Cord Cutters Nation TV.  We would like to be the go-to place for your online streaming  TV and media device needs.  At Cord Cutters Nation TV you are able to watch Free channels online that are available with ads but no worries we also offer access to a Premium account that has no ads, no lag, and no popups/unders.

On our sites, you will also find our list of favorite streaming movie sites from around the web for you to enjoy. If you are going to check out many of the sites online we highly encourage you to use a VPN to protect your data for a streaming peace-of-mind.  Oh, by the way, did you know you are also able to add Pay-per-view (PPV) and/or IPTV to your premium subscription account for even more flexibility?  If you like options without the price tag stop by from time to time and check us out.  Sign up for our weblog to stay updated on the latest in cable TV alternatives and streaming media devices as we will be adding content periodically for our visitors.

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Cord Cutters Nation & Cord Cutters Nation TV would like you to have choices in what you watch and how much you can afford to watch. Many families just can’t afford hefty bills and would rather spend that money on their other needs. We feel that you should have a little slice of happiness too when streamlining your entertainment budget. Watching free television online can help you manage your entertainment budget without going broke nor missing any of your favorite TV shows and movies with the same quality and variety as all the “big” guys.

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We have two mobile apps that are great for watching streaming live TV on your mobile devices. You may check the mobile apps out for download on our apps page.  This page has additional information and download links for you to use to get started. If you would like a quick walk-thru on how to use your account with the Kodi-Add on for your Smart TV please see the demo video here.  Additional information regarding using the Kodi-Add on can be found at Superrepo Getting Started page and the instructions for using the Kodi-Add on guide can be found here.

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We understand that by using a popup blocker, some sponsors and online merchants depend on advertising to pay for various expenses when operating a blog or website.  By using a popup blocker this is an option we provide for our visitors to use if needed, but it can be very helpful for the advertiser if you can view the ads for a small duration of time while viewing the free channels. This helps both the visitor and the advertiser and everyone wins!!

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Like reading?  Take a look at the article below to understand how online streaming is changing the game in television and video streaming.  For more entertaining articles go to our Flipboard Magazine and like, share, or comment on the ones you like!

Digital Video – The New Face of Entertainment
Article credited to original author: Tyler James Ellison

With the rate at which technology improves, it isn’t surprising that the entertainment world as we know it is changing. Traditional media delivery systems are finding their markets quickly eroding as many of us are turning to the internet for our entertainment needs. As pricing and infrastructure for high-speed internet have improved, it has led to an explosion in online media.

Cable companies are beginning to see a decline in viewership. That six o-clock news show that dad used to watch on the television each night can now be viewed anytime, on demand, from his home computer. When it comes time for junior to research his science project, online documentaries or other online media make it easy to find the information he needs. With services like Apple’s iTunes, which allows you to download movies, music, or television shows (at a cost), cable is becoming less of a necessity for our entertainment needs.

It doesn’t stop there though. What about that weekly call to Grandma’s house? Traditional means of communicating would have you dial a number on your phone, and then pay for the long distance charges on your monthly phone bill. With many services like Skype offering free video calling features, internet video is even beginning to compete with traditional phone services. Instead of incurring that monthly bill to talk, suddenly you are on a two-way video conference with grandma, and best of all; it’s free!

What about that great new movie that you missed in theatre? No longer is it necessary to run down to your local movie store to rent it. (If your anything like me you probably will forget to return it and incur late charges anyway.) There are a wealth of online services that will allow you to rent or buy that blockbuster hit through digital download. Services like; Amazon’s Unbox, CinemaNow, and Movielink, are beginning to take a bite out of traditional video rental business. If you spend more of your time on the go, you can even download the movie through the internet connection on your cell phone.

The internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we learn, and now it is changing the entertainment industry as a whole. As sites like YouTube, or any of the other aforementioned sites, begin to change the way we are entertained, traditional media companies who are not open to change are going to be left behind. Although there are many unknowns as this new method of content delivery grows — such as regulations, copyright protection, and a host of other issues — traditional methods of media delivery are suddenly being challenged by digital video online.

What will become of traditional methods of entertainment delivery is yet to be seen, but today in this beginning of the online media explosion, this is where the future of communication and entertainment starts. Already it is being said that online video is responsible for ten percent of all internet traffic. In the next decade, I think we will begin to see the move to all media being delivered through the internet.

Tyler Ellison is a successful entrepreneur who teaches free internet traffic [http://www.youcanworkthenet.com] secrets and loves very funny videos.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/791621

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