AdLand Pro Classifieds & Professional Marketing Services

AdLand Pro Classifieds & Professional Marketing Services

adland pro classifieds

Attention my fellow visitors,

I would like to introduce to you all another great marketing service with a twist. The twist is that this service also includes services for submitting your very own classified ad in their network for free! Yeah, that’s right, for free!

You are also privy to first-class information on website promotion, access to a community of online marketers just like you, and the opportunity to get your product or website out in front of those who are looking to buy what you’re selling. The great thing about this platform is that it has also launched a monthly renewable affiliate program – AdlandPro Gold.

Be one of the first to join this new moneymaker!


***** It’s destined to be huge! *****


I have personally signed up with their affiliate program and I consider them to be the top Free Classifieds sites on the Internet. I have received consistent, low-cost advertising for my sites with the AdlandPro free affiliate program along with steady, free banner advertising for my websites.



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Now, it’s time to jump to the next level with one of the premiere
marketing names on the Internet, AdlandPro Gold.

Join me on this ground floor opportunity and position yourself with a PROVEN Internet company and get 3,000 free advertising credits for life renewed each month!


***** Features of AdlandPro Gold *****

Your own advertising network.

Earn cash for driving traffic to your AdlandPro website!

Free Banner Advertising – 5 displays to only 1 hit + earn cash!

Your banners, ads displayed to visitors sent from your promotional

Your own newsletter hosted and mailed on Adland Pro’s servers!

AdlandPro Gold will build it for you, mail it and even provide the content! – Priceless!

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Get URL tracking for your ads.

Value-added services, otherwise offered for a fee to regular visitors.
– 3,000 free advertising credits.
– Monthly submission to 300,000 directories – a $15.00 value!
– HOURLY classified ad renewal – $9.95 value!
– Free e-book on successful ministries with resell rights
(Value $75.95 USD).

Follow-up Autoresponder with list capabilities

30% commissions
*Earn 30% commission on ALL sales. If you have just 3 monthly affiliate subscribers, yours is paid for, plus you earn 30% on all sales from your site!

Gold Members only will have access to communication software to exchange ideas with other members in the network

Great Business Opportunity!

A wealth of promotional and marketing tools! Plus more to come!

Get in now, for sign up start here! To become an Affiliate click banner to get started!

adland pro classifieds

Best Regards and Good Fortune,

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