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Haven’t Heard of Anoox, Let’s Change That

    Good Day Fellow visitor, Sometimes you come across a site and wonder, “Why haven’t I heard of this site before”? I’ve had that happen to me a few times already. Well, I’d like to discuss a site that…

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How To Cut The Cord And Save Hundreds A Year

  Did you know that the average American pays just over $100 for monthly cable, let’s decrease that amount significantly, shall we?  We’re going to look at keeping your internet service and watching TV from the large pool of free…

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NitroFlare | Safe File Transfer, Back Up , and Storage

    NitroFlare is an international service for safe file transfer, storage, backup, and distribution. Today there are no similar services that can offer Nitro Flare’s level of quality. A few years ago, if you wanted to access anything, it…

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Find Movie-Inspired Attire For Your Next Viewing Party

Hosting a viewing party and want to dress up as your favorite movie character(s). Find some movie outfit inspiration throughout this post. This won’t be a definitive guide but it sure will bring out your creative side with ideas to…

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Best VPNs For BitTorrent Use

What Is BitTorrent, Anyway? BitTorrent has an unsavory reputation, one that is both unfair and yet also well deserved. At its best, BitTorrent addresses the bottleneck created when too many people try to download the same files from a single…

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AdLand Pro Classifieds & Professional Marketing Services

Attention my fellow visitors, I would like to introduce you all to another great marketing service with a twist. The twist is that this service also includes services for submitting your very own classified ad in their network for free!…

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Cord Cutters Nation TV | Reading Lounge

Get Free Excerpts at!!! Are you a bookworm like myself? I love reading and I never miss an opportunity to grab a good book to sit down and relax with.  Nowadays, you no longer have to lug around all…

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Digital Video – The New Face of Entertainment

Article credited to the author: Tyler James Ellison With the rate at which technology improves, it isn’t surprising that the entertainment world as we know it is changing. Traditional media delivery systems are finding their markets quickly eroding as many…

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Are You Undecided About Cutting The Cord?

  So, you’ve gone over and over in your head and thought about the possibilities of leaving cable and deciding to cut the cord once and for all.  To help you go from undecided to, “Okay, I’ve decided to cut…

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