Comfort For the Broken In Spirit

Comfort For the Broken In Spirit

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If you or a loved one is exhibiting signs that indicate they’re suffering symptoms of depression, this post may be for you. Depression is considered a medical condition that affects one in every ten people in a variety of ways. Bi-Polar disorder, anxiety, phobias, and thoughts of suicide are all part of the spectrum that makes up depression and mental illness. In the United States alone, approximately 15 million adults experience depression symptoms and have been officially diagnosed with the condition. While it is common to experience mental symptoms of depression, it is also quite common to experience physiological depression symptoms too. This may be referred to as “Clinical Depression”, “Major Depression”, and/or “Major Depressive Disorder”. The condition not only impacts how you feel, but it also impacts your thought processes.

Additionally, it may impact your behavior, usually in a negative way, which impacts your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. If you suffer from the symptoms of depression, you may find that it is exceptionally difficult to perform daily activities that many simply take for granted. You may also encounter moments when you question whether or not life is worth living. If you find that any of these sounds familiar, or you can recognize them in another, it is important to understand the fundamental signs of depression so you can take action before it is too late.

Identifying Medical Depression

The organization referred to as the “National Institute of Mental Health” has identified numerous symptoms that are commonly associated with depression. These are based on medical records, studies, and interviews with those that have been diagnosed and live with the condition. Each case is different, and depression affects no two people in the same way, however, there are consistencies among sufferers that form a pattern and the backbone of identifying depression. The most commonly experienced symptoms of depression are:

· Most sufferers will experience a persistent feeling of sadness. The individuals that experience this symptom may feel empty on the inside, and may even experience some degree of anxiousness.

· It is quite common for depression sufferers to lose interest in things that they once enjoyed, such as hobbies and other activities that were once considered to be enjoyable or pleasurable.

· Cognitive complications such as the ability to remember information, recall information, the ability to concentrate, and the ability to make sound decisions may become evident when depressed.

· It is common for a sufferer to feel guilty, helpless and to feel as if they lack the worth that they once felt that they had in life and with others.

· Decreased energy levels and increased fatigue levels are common symptoms of depression.

· A sufferer may feel as if their situation or their life is hopeless and may start to exhibit persistent pessimism.

· Mood swings and complications such as being extremely irritable are considered common depression symptoms. Periods of mania are followed by extreme lows, this is typically known as Bi-Polar disorder.

· Most people with symptoms of depression may find it challenging to fall asleep. There are some that may have issues staying asleep. Then, there are those that may find that they wake up too early each day. In addition to this, many patients sleep for long periods of time or have the desire to sleep that is longer than necessary for their health.

· The appetite is often impacted in a detrimental manner when suffering from depression. Many sufferers simply lack the desire to eat and may lose weight. Contrarily, there are those that eat emotionally and may gain an exceptionally large amount of weight.

· Gastrointestinal complications may be experienced with depression. Examples include frequent heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and constipation. In most instances, these issues are not resolved with treatment.

· Those that experience severe depression may find that they experience various types of pain. Many may suffer from headaches, while others feel as if their muscles are extremely sore. Then, there are those that experience cramps in the abdomen.

· When identifying symptoms of depression, it has been found that many individuals suffer from thoughts associated with suicide. In addition to this, attempts to end one’s life are also a symptom of the condition.

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Recognize The Warning Signs

In addition to recognizing, and understanding the symptoms of depression, it is also important to understand the warning signs associated with the condition. Depression is a condition that is associated with an exceptionally high risk of suicide. If you are a sufferer, you may or may not be able to recognize whether your thoughts are beginning to stray down that path. There is no shame in it, but it is vital you educate yourself on what it is you are feeling. In doing so, you are better equipped to handle the overwhelming crushing hopelessness that accompanies feelings of depression. If you are a relative or a friend of someone suffering from depression, it is important that you recognize the warning signs for exactly the same reason.

The following highlights the most serious and potentially life-threatening symptoms of depression:

· Many sufferers may seem to obsess about death when they are considering suicide.

· It is common for the extremely depressed to suddenly appear fine and extremely happy. This switch could indicate that they have started making plans to kill themselves, or that the plans are already in place.

· If the depression worsens, it could be a warning sign of suicide.

· Many may start putting their affairs in order, such as creating a will, giving away prized possessions, and even saying goodbyes to those that they love or care deeply about.

· Many start engaging in dangerous behaviors, such as drug use, substance abuse, and reckless driving.

· Seeming extremely apathetic and verbally expressing the fact that they would be better off dead, or expressing a strong desire to leave the world are serious depression symptoms.

· Many people that suffer from the symptoms of depression may start to take openly about their desire to commit suicide or may start to seem curious about or ask questions about suicide.

There are many symptoms of depression. Learning to recognize these symptoms will help you in determining if you or a loved one suffers from this condition. Understanding the medical reasons for why the feelings and thought processes occur is paramount to fighting the disease and overcoming any suicidal tendencies. If these depression symptoms are experienced, it is essential to consult a medical or mental health specialist immediately. There are many types of treatments available for the symptoms of depression, both conventional and unconventional. There are drugs that can be prescribed to curb any serious symptoms and if suicide is the real danger medical professionals should be contacted immediately.

Recognizing the symptoms of depression is vital if you, or someone you know, is suffering depression. By recognizing, and understanding the signs, you can take steps to ensure the illness can be treated and managed.

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Talk to a Suicide Prevention Coordinator located at any VA Medical Center. Find your facility’s coordinator and other suicide prevention resources near you by using the Resource Locator Tool.

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