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Cord Cutters Nation TV Facebook Group


Hi, Visitor!

Thanks for stopping in!  As this is not the “official” Facebook Page for our group it is a separate Facebook Page made primarily for promotional purposes!  If you would like to be a part of the group, you can click on the Facebook Page link in the image below to sign up.  That would be great, by the way!!!

I am currently running a poll and would love for you to take a moment to answer one question? Do you think cable television subscription packages are overrated or better yet, overpriced?  If so, I agree.  Making this page and starting the Cord Cutters Nation group gives me the platform to help some of us who just can’t afford those outrageous prices for TV to find an entertainment package tailored for what we really need, not overinflated packages with over-priced services! This site is fairly new, so I won’t have as much traffic as I’d like, but that’s not really what I’m concerned about.

My main goal is to create a great community of online cord cutters or soon to be cord cutters who would like to share their ideas, promotions, stories, and expertise on online resources for watching streaming TV for the “little guys”.  I would love to know how many people have become cord cutters and what motivated them to do it.  Was it a struggle or was it the best thing they’ve done for themselves and their budgets?

Well great, so pleased you’ve taken the time to read this far! With the group’s page and our blogs, I’m pretty sure we will have enough information to go around and share, so take a look around and share our page with those you think can benefit from our site. Please come by and see us again and again, lol!! (At least while we’re still here, lol!!!)

Almost forgot to mention, you can also find us on our Yahoo Groups Page as well. Not much activity there but there are many ways you can contribute if you like given Yahoo has been around for ages. If you’d like to check that page out you can click on the Cord Cutters Nation Yahoo Groups link to be taken there. Try out these very fun quizzes by ViraLemon! 

Thanks and “Happy Streaming”!


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