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Film On TV | Ready For Movie Night?

Cord Cutters Nation TV in partnership with Film On TV provides alternative cable TV with access to free live streaming channels from several genres from around the world!

Film On TV has an extensive library of genres to choose from. We’re talking about news, comedy, Live TV, movies, drama and so much more!

Why pay for expensive contracts when you can watch all this TV for free?!!!

Stream Free & Premium HD Channels Online!

Stay updated with your favorite TV Shows & Comics!

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But if you’re looking for a little more from your TV why not sign up for a Premium subscription and get at least 500 Live High Quality Channels, 45,000 HQ Videos On-Demand, 10 Hours of HQ  Recording Space, Access to Pay TV Channels, Live Broadcast TV Channels,  500 Live Low-Resolution TV Channels, 45,000 Low Resolution Videos On-Demand, Digital Ads will be Removed on All Live channels (* doesn’t include watching recorded programs)!

If you ask me that looks like a whole lot for a lot less!! Ready to sign up for a Premium Subscription?

DVR Recording

Go to: Film On Subscriptions and pick the plan that best fits your taste and budget!

Film On Subscriptions

Ever wanted your own broadcast show? Create Your Own Show @ FilmOn Social TV! If you are using your mobile or tablet, download the apps here: For Android devices, the app can be downloaded here and for the iTunes Store please download the app here!

Learn how to create a show by following the online tutorial with helpful tips on how to begin.

We appreciate any feedback you may have to help make this site better and with continued support in helping us find the best alternatives to expensive cable TV subscription plans!

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