Haven’t Heard of Anoox | Let’s Change That!

Haven’t Heard of Anoox | Let’s Change That!




Good Day Fellow visitor,

Sometimes you come across a site and wonder, “Why haven’t I heard of this site before”? I’ve had that happen to me a few times already. Well, I’d like to discuss a site that has some great features that I think you’ll like to hear about.

In this post, we’re going to discuss Anoox.  Well OP, what the heck is Anoox, you might be asking. Anoox is a search engine that is powered by people just like you and me. The network has a lot to offer and the best part about Anoox is that it is a non-profit collective search engine & social network. Everything Anoox does is for people like you and me.

This network does NOT take corporate money and is mainly paid for through its own network of hard-working people who just want to make online advertising reasonable for everyone.

As for the search engine, did you know that the answers or input you get when you use the site’s search engine is powered by crowd wisdom and is totally private? This is one of my favorite reasons I joined Anoox.

As you go into the site and browse you’ll find that you can participate in great discussions on politics, current events, technology, and so much more without the clutter and noise of some sites you come across. To learn more about what Anoox is; take a look at their page titled, “What is Anoox“?

After reading the page you’ll soon find out that this site has a lot to offer its visitors.  Just like some of the other sites I like, this is one site that stays in my browser due to all the great resources it provides for FREE. Just take a look at some of the services provided:


  • Ask questions or start discussions about current events and  issues
  • Answer questions or join discussions to get the Best answers out, get the Truth out, based on Crowd Wisdom
  • Grow your social network based on the number of People who Like you based on questions and answers you post
  • Get free traffic, when People like your questions and answers and based on the number of people who Friend and Follow you
  • Publish stories, photos, videos, polls, etc. to connect with friends, family, or co-workers from around the World
  • Meet new friends and opportunities based on similar interests or mutually beneficial offerings


A revolutionary Search Engine, where search results are Powered by Crowd Wisdom. Where our collective Wisdom, the Crowd, drives the search results. So that we foster freedom of information and an open internet; so that we have a real Choice to Google™ Monopoly over Search. Also, a search engine that is totally private to use as it does not track you!


Your personal Search engine. An AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to remember everything, for your private use only, share when you want. No App or Software to download – All you need is a Web browser on any device!


Instantly & securely Chat World Wide in your own private Chat room, with 1 or many, no matter what device you are all are on. No App or Software to download – All you need is a Web browser on any device!


Easily create and add Polls to your questions & discussions on Anoox Social Network or to your own site. Share with friends and colleagues with ease. No App or Software to download!
Remember, the resources above are all free and are waiting for you to join so you can explore this awesome non-profit social network!
Let’s get you started with Anoox now at Join Anoox!



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