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We are pleased that you’ve taken an interest in finding us online  and it is much appreciated!  As several families around the world are battling to stay safe during these trying times, we would like to help your stay-at-home time be a little more bearable.

As budgets become tighter and more and more people become unemployed; we want to help alleviate some of the stress by helping you with great resources for cutting the cord. One main reason we started our blog Cord Cutters Nation TV was for people to have somewhere to watch great TV without draining their bank accounts.

We were tired of paying the satellite company over 130 bucks a month when many of our favorite sports channels ended up blacked out most of the time; to provide insult to injury many cable channels were in the middle of some dispute amongst each other, but the customer suffers! Go figure!

Check out our blog Cord Cutters Nation TV  as we are making an effort to grow so we can help others. By you all sharing our content and signing up for our email list it means a great deal to us! We don’t send out emails alot; and we DON’T DO SPAM! We definitely want to extend our thanks and we hope you all are taking precautions and keeping your families safe during these trying times!

If you would like to sign up for a Premium Streaming Account you can get started here.

Be Safe, Happy Streaming!






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