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Do you remember the days when everyone chatted by visiting individual chat rooms?  Do you think the old-school way of chatting online is out-dated? There are people who are still very comfortable with chatting in the traditional chat rooms and enjoy it very much.  Matter of fact, many of the rooms are very active till this day.  Please keep in mind, many people are not going to agree with you every single time but you are still required to respect each other nevertheless.

For those who are using the internet for online dating, we have included a great article for you to read and enjoy.  All credit for this article is given to the author. To see more of this author’s writings continue to the bottom of the article and all contact information and links are provided.

7 Amazing Steps to Finding Your Soulmate
Article credited to:  Ida Home

What is true matching about? It is about people that seem to be made for one another. But this may become a deceiving matter because matching begins with honesty.

1.  The first step you have to do is be honest with yourself, knowing who you are and what you are about. This issue tightly depends on your self-esteem, so work it out at this instant, always keep in mind a good image of yourself, this is the essence of being ready for your love!

2.  Remember that unless you are ready to meet the love of your life, it won’t come for you, because everything depends on how much you want it to happen. Wise men say that when you really want something, the whole Universe rearranges itself for making your wish come true. And believe me, there is enough room for everybody’s desires. So let your desire grow stronger every day.

3.  After you take a good look at yourself, hear what Mother Nature whispers in your ear about looking for someone with certain looks and physical features that suits you best. Did you know that soulmates almost look like one another? Those soulmates may be so very different in appearance but still so alike? What makes them look alike, may ask, if he is dark-haired and she is blonde, or if she is black and he is white? There is that certain something named chemistry which makes them get connected and harmonize their everything: mimics, gestures, reactions. So before you get yourself connected, make a mental picture of your potential soulmate in every single detail of its appearance and all you have to do is recognize him when you look around! It is very important to know exactly the way you want it to be.

4.  I can hear some of you saying that things are as difficult as easy they seem to be because matching is a complex scenario. I am telling you that things are difficult only when we do not know what we want and don’t have enough faith that Nature will work for us and solve the complexity of matching scenario: habits, hobbies, humor, sharing the same values, location, background. Concentrate on the solution of the matter, not on the issue itself, do your part of the job faithfully and do not worry.

5.  Obviously that none of us wants to become haunted, obsessed by an ideal of love that never shows up, right? That’s why you have to cut the belt, free your mind of your desire (which has already put to work the invisible engines of the Universe, believe it or not !) and do your usual stuff.

6.  And here comes the tough part: waiting! Wait for a while and let the Nature action for how long as it takes. Take into account that you have already helped Nature with your faith and your strong action. It’s a mutual thing. In love, as in everything, you get what you give.

7.  Finally, let me share a secret with you: don’t to tell anyone you are about to meet your soulmate. The deepest desires must not be shared until they come true. Any interfering may disturb you from keeping a good image of yourself, letting your desire grow stronger, picturing in mind your soulmate, staying focused on what you have to do, letting your mind free and waiting faithfully.

But certainly, you may tell me when he or she comes around! So very soon, I hope!

Author Bio: Ida Home is a freelance writer from Bucharest. Check out her site for the latest Internet Dating Tricks, Tips & Secrets!

Rabbit.TV Update: As we have included TV in this post in the past, unfortunately; TV has gone offline. To keep this post updated I am including information for alternatives to TV. Thanks to an awesome visitor and fellow blogger for informing me of TV’s dead link;  I am including a great link from their site (with their permission) that includes great alternatives to TV. Although, we have really enjoyed the chat streaming service I’m pretty sure you will be able to find something that will pique your interest thru the alternatives provided below. Also, please send some love to the creator to the site/blog, Ella Luceero, for providing such a great service/blog for others to view.

As I was putting this page together I thought about the many people/visitors who are online and are not fully aware that danger can be found online as well as offline so included on this page is some very important information regarding internet sfety.  Although this page is specifically chat related, we felt that this was a very important part of the website and I suggest if you are going to sign into the chat rooms please take a moment to go to 101 Internet website.

There is a wealth of helpful information available that can save you a ton of research time and possibly your life from the dangers of the internet. This site is so helpful that I would share the information with my loved ones so they are educated just as you are.

As the internet has opened up a wealth of new ways to communicate with each other beyond anything we could have imagined a few years ago, it has also given some the ability and the opportunity to take things way too far!  Currently, there are laws in the process that will help protect victims of bullying and online violence at all costs to help make it a safer place online.

It is very important to know the do’s and don’ts of online activities and I think if you read over the material found on 101 Internet Safety website you will be getting a headstart on safety and more with your adventures online.


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