Movie Inspired Outfits To Try

Movie Inspired Outfits To Try

Tiana inspired outfits for the seasons

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For movie night, have you thought about what you’re going to wear for a day or night out? I’ve decided to include a page dedicated just for that. Sometimes you just want to lounge around at home and watch a great movie where you’re most comfortable at. We all can stay home in our favorite pajamas and do that! What if you’re invited to go to the movies and you’re sick of the same outfit and just want a change.

This page is mainly composed of suggested outfits and ideas you can use when finding inspiration from your favorite movie characters. Some outfits are definitely for different occasions but if you’re a bonafide fashionista or a stylist- in -the making you’ll be able to put together an outfit in no time. You will be able to have an outfit so pulled together that it keeps people buzzing and asking questions such as these: ” Where did you get that outfit from”? or “How much did you pay for that outfit”? I don’t claim to be a fashionista nor a stylist-in- the making, but I like clothes and outfits that are fun, comfortable, and reasonably priced.



You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to pull off a great look. This is how the idea to include wholesale clothes on the site was born. I know you’re probably wondering, isn’t this site primarily focused on resources for cord-cutters? Yes, that is the main premise; but I decided to step outside the box and try a little something different. Finding an outfit, along with buying tickets to a great movie, in addition to; having the choice to watch online television with your favorite mobile/media device without breaking the bank? Why wouldn’t you, it’s a no-brainer??!!


As a budget-conscious consumer, my goal is always to ensure that my needs are met and that I’m always saving on things that I want. As you do your shopping/browsing I hope that you are able to have a little leftover for your entertainment budgets!!!

Either way, I am most grateful and I hope you’ll like, share and comment to let us know how things went. Enough with the economics lesson, I’ll let you get to shopping, Enjoy!!


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Remember, if you decide to buy anything from the site you won’t get charged extra for doing so. You will be redirected to the main site of your choice and you will pay for your outfits there. I am an affiliate for some of the companies on this page and will only get a small commission if you decide to buy thru this site.


Ask These Three Questions Before Deciding On A Date Night Movie


For a classic first date night, seeing a flick is always a great option. Your first night out together should be fun, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. The process should be easy and relaxing as well. So when it comes time to decide on which film you will watch- it shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Sorting through all the options, cinemas, and ratings can seem like a big problem. Here are three questions to ask before deciding on a date night movie.

Where will you find the information?

Seeing a film should be a relaxing activity before, during, and after. Deciding on which one to see requires that you have some basic information available or on hand. For example, which movies are even still out in theaters? Which ones are the top-grossing films? Finding this information doesn’t have to be hard. Check out:

Your circle of friends: The people you regularly hang out with or work with will often have similar taste in films as you do. You may discuss what you did over the weekend and/or which recent films you have seen. If you get a good recommendation from a friend you are likely to be pleasantly surprised when you take it into consideration.

Movie review sites: If you don’t quite trust the opinions of your closest buddies or if your taste is wildly different than most people around you, using a movie review site could help. Checking out ratings and critic reviews is a good way to sort out which films will be perfect for your night out.

Weekly local zines: A weekly zine is typically available in bigger towns or cities and tends to highlight all the activities in the local area for that week. They will also tend to have movie review sections complete with times, ticketing information, and critical reviews from both local critics and audience members.


What type of movie should you see?

There are too many types of genres to list in this article. However, some genres are currently more popular than others. Right now sci-fi films, comic book-based films, and horror are all trending heavily.

Sci-fi films: The films Star Wars, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Annihilation all count as films with strong science fiction storylines. Taking powerful questions that our current society is dealing with and projecting their potential problems into future scenarios seems to be a good way to make a hit film these days.

Comic book-based films: Marvel and DC comics continue to put out flicks that expand on pre-existing storylines in various superhero comic books.

Horror– The genre of horror is expanding into sub-genres that move away from the typical monster or slasher film. Today, immensely creative psychological thrillers are gaining popularity.

What type of movie cinema?

Customers are demanding more from their cinemas. With ticket prices as high as they are, moviegoers demand a quality viewing experience for their hard-earned money.

Recliner seating: Some movies offer that “at home/in couch” experience you would get if you stayed home and watched a film on your own big screen.

Movie grill: Other cinemas prefer to cater to your desires for fresh craft-brewed beer and delicious food served right to you as you watch your film.

Consider these three questions before you decide on what film to take your date to.

For more information on selecting a date night movie, visit: Flix Brewhouse-Carmel

Article Source: Ask These Three Questions Before Deciding On A Date Night Movie



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