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Please Read Our Site Policy/Terms of Use

Last Updated: 04/08/2021

We are happy that you have visited our website. To help ensure that the website & community is safe and tolerable for others when visiting our space on the internet, there are some terms of use we would like you all to be familiar with when utilizing the site.  Please understand that at our sole discretion we have the right to remove or prevent you from accessing our website or community if we find that your conduct online impedes other people’s utilization of our site due to abusive and threatening language and threats towards others!


Here are examples of intolerable conduct:


Do Not make demeaning comments towards others.


Nobody likes bullies!!


If you have issues please email us at


Using racist epitaphs, caricatures, and language towards your fellow man.


(This includes posting pictures, articles, and websites/links to such material).


You do not have to get into arguments because you feel like the other person’s point of view is worthless!!

Do Not post porn!!! (Under No circumstances underaged children in uncompromising photos is Tolerated-you will be banned from our community & site for good if found doing so)!!!


There are other people who come to the site and we strive to make the site/community a safe place for both younger audiences and mature adults to freely express their thoughts without being bombarded with NSFW language and images posted all over our site/community.


Your privacy-We do not post others’ PII (Personal Identifiable Information) on this site. We respect everyone’s privacy and we will not solicit names, emails, and phone numbers without permission.


You are free to be engaging, knowledgeable, and witty! Good conversation and great ideas are our goal at Cord Cutters Nation TV.


Speak your mind, but respect each other when you do it!


If you feel like these are simple rules to follow, then we are glad to have you here and we look forward to having you here.


Like before, if you have questions about the site or community you’re welcome to drop us a line at:


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