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Using A Mobile Hotspot for Your RV Travels

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Did you recently get an RV but not sure how you plan to stay connected online while traveling on the road? Being able to find good reliable internet while traveling can be an arduous task. You want to travel and see the great outdoors but if you plan on staying connected while keeping in touch with friends and family you need a connection you can count on. In this post, we’re going to discuss using a mobile hotspot for your internet needs.

First, what is a mobile hotspot and how does it work? A mobile hotspot is a device that is usually pocket-sized that runs on a cellular network similar to your phone. This device enables you to use a cellular signal to connect several of your devices to a wi-fi signal. Devices you can connect with on a  hotspot would be your tablet, a gaming system, a good-sized TV, or a Blu-ray disc player. The device’s wifi signal can be shared with everyone you are traveling with. Be it your kids, your wife/husband, or your friends and guests. You’re able to connect between 6-10 people on a single connection with your hotspot. Some hotspot/routers are able to handle more than that!

Nowadays, there are several types and sizes to choose from. You only need to look for one that works for your particular needs. You will find a few that are also unlocked (or not tied to one particular cellular company, per se). Let’s say you use AT&T for your mobile phone service. With your unlocked mobile hotspot, you won’t need to ONLY use AT&T, because with an unlocked device you’re not bound to only use AT&T. With an unlocked device, you can use a similar company, let’s say a pre-paid phone company such as Simple Mobile, Boost, Straight Talk and others!

As long as your network is the same as the network you use for your cell phone service, this should be seamless. If your network runs off of Verizon, Sprint, or the other CDMA services, you will need to make sure your device is compatible with those particular networks. When we talk GSM & CDMA networks, we’re talking about the particular towers those services run on and what spectrum or bands they use for your cell/mobile service.

How to Get a Mobile Hotspot Device?

There are 2 main ways in which you can get a mobile hotspot device. You can shop for your own device; you can find some very good ones online such as the NightHawk Mobile 4G Router for GSM Networks (Unlocked); the other way is that you can rent one for the duration of your trip for a set rate.

If you belong to an RV Club, sometimes you can purchase or rent a device at the discount rate.  If you don’t belong to an RV club I highly recommend that you join one whether online or in person. They offer some outstanding tips on RV maintenance, favorite places to camp for free, and information on staying connected while on the road.

One of my favorite places on the web to check is the RV Repair Club as they have tons of great videos on how to maintain your RV’s maintenance before hitting the road for your next trip. You can check out a great article from the blog titled, “The 5 Most Useful Tech Gadgets For Your RV” written by Lauren Grijalva. You will gain some gainful knowledge on everything RV!

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There are some great reputable companies that offer decent prices for RV’ers who need to stay connected. One such company is Skyroam
Skyroam’s Wi-Fi can be used internationally. How’s that for your travels? Their WiFi hotspot rental service covers over 130 countries/areas starting at $6. It is great for short and long term stays abroad and doesn’t require any long term contracts. It is the best international WiFi hotspot choice for anybody!

Anytime you get into longer travels your expenses can quickly begin to pile up, leaving you broke and disgusted with the fees. With Skyroam you can avoid expensive unpredictable roaming charges because they use a pre-calculated rate.

A regular rental plan with Skyroam runs about $6/day. For a single country, you only pay for your travel period,  Skyroam WiFi’s low daily rates will keep you connected wherever you go!

Need more information about Skyroam’s Wifi Rental Service? You can find their information at Skyroam to check out their services and rates before your next RV trip.

Another way you can stay connected is with your very own cell phone’s mobile connection. When you turn your cell phone’s signal into a wifi signal to share with others, you have now created your own Wifi Hotspot. This is pretty much what we call “tethering”.

Tethering works the same way as using a mobile hotspot for your internet. Most modern phones today come with a tethering feature already included in the phone. Please be aware that just because you are allowed to tether with your phone, your data still comes from your cell phone plan; whether you have a pre-paid phone with a limited amount of data or an unlimited data plan, either way, that data comes from your specific plan.

Please keep in mind, the data plan you have before you turn your phone into a hotspot and start sharing your connection with others; or you begin binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows! Videos and data-driven apps can be burned up in a single session, so please be mindful of your data use.

To keep an eye out on your data, your phone may well come with a data manager built-in. But no worries if yours doesn’t, there’s several great data manager apps in the Google Play store and the Itunes store that you can download. Just do a search for phone data managers and bam, several apps will come up!

One last point I would like to make, there is an app from the Google Play store that you can also use to turn your phone into an instant hotspot. If you haven’t heard of FoxFi, you should. FoxFi creates a hotspot by also using your phone’s included data/cell signal. You can create your own hotspot, name your hotspot whatever you like, and keep your hotspot secured by creating a password for your hotspot.


To get a better idea of what this app can do I suggest you go to FoxFi‘s page to find out more. Personally, it’s been a game-changer when you really need a hotspot quick. To check out FoxFi’s Homepage please follow link here.

These are the ways that you can stay connected when on the road. If you know of any other ways that are helpful for RV travelers or people who are traveling to different locations and need to stay connected at a reasonable price, let’s hear about them. You can drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading!.


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